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When you purchase a Sabal home, you have peace of mind knowing that we stand by our homes. We offer two levels of warranties:  a Sabal one-year limited warranty on all workmanship and material defects in the home, and a five year Alberta new home warranty which covers major structural construction items.


Effective February 1, 2014, all permits applied for new home construction in Alberta will fall under the newly updated Alberta New Home Warranty Program. This updated program consists of new mandatory coverage for all homebuyers, including one-year coverage for materials and workmanship, two-year coverage for distribution systems, five-year coverage for the building envelope and 10-year coverage on the structure.


Click here for more detailed information regarding the new warranty program, and to see how this will benefit you in your new home purchase.


SABAL 1-Year Limited Warranty

We have incorporated a unique, three step, quality assurance process that starts the moment you take possession of your home. 

 Shortly after moving into your new home, you will receive a phone call or email from one of our service & warranty coordinators.  This is their chance to introduce themselves, familiarize you with Sabal’s service & warranty program, and answer any questions you may have.

At 3 months after possession our service technician will conduct a follow-up of your Sabal home to make sure everything is working properly. This gives you the opportunity to settle into your home and truly inspect the function and quality of the home. If you have any questions or concerns the service technician will be able to attend to them.

And at 12 months our service technician will conduct a thorough final home inspection with you before the warranty expires. After living in your home for almost a year, any further deficiencies will be noted and shortly rectified.


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Sabal Homes Fall and Winter Update


Spring and summer seasonal work has drawn to a close with the advent of cold weather and snow. But that doesn't mean Sabal's gone into winter hibernation! There's plenty on the go right now, and we'd like to share some key information with you for the fall and winter months.


Grade Certificates


No exterior work, such as decks, fences, or sod, should be completed until you receive your final grade certificate. Any work completed prior to receiving this certificate could impact the final grade - and may need to be removed at your expense.


Exterior Water Supply


Disconnect your water hoses, shut off exterior valves and allow the line to the hose bibs to drain. Also, please be aware that "frost free" lines will not protect outside water supply lines from freezing if the exterior hose has not been disconnected.


Condensation and Humidity: Important Tips To Remember


We live in a climate where temperature fluctuates rapidly. Help control condensation and humidity build-up in your Sabal home during cold periods by running your ventilation fan and/or exhaust fans for at least one hour after bathing or showering, and when the outdoor temperature has been consistently below freezing and is expected to rise to the melting point.


For more information, please refer to your Sabal homeowner's manual.


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Fall and Winter Concrete Maintenance


Help maintain your concrete by:


  • shovelling the snow from your driveway, sidewalk and steps;
  • applying a low-gloss acrylic sealer to your driveway at least once a year for the first five years;
  • being aware that homeowner-applied salts and de-icers can stress concrete, causing it to flake, pit and crack. This damage is not covered by Alberta New Home Warranty.


High-Efficiency Hot Water Tank Tips


No hot water? Your new high-efficiency hot water tank may fail to ignite if the exterior air intake or exhaust is blocked by snow or ice. 


  • Unplug the water heater from the electrical connection.
  • Clear the snow and/or ice from the outside vent intake and exhaust.
  • Plug the hot water tank back in - it should now restart on its own.


We also recommend that screens on the vents be removed over winter to prevent ice build-up.


Should you have any questions regarding your new home warranty, please contact:

Calgary Service & Warranty 
Edmonton Service & Warranty 

To help protect your new home and guide you in its maintenance, click to download a copy of the Alberta New Home Warranty Care & Maintenance Guide.

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